Company Name :Suspower
Subject of Request :Sustainable & Radaint Cooling
Companys Activity :supplier
Country of Origin :United Arab Emirates
Target Country/Region :United Arab Emirates
Category:Cooling and Ventilation
Description:SusPower is a specialized Sustainable cooling technology design-build firm utilizing only German Patented technology. The latest German technology reached its science in the field of cooling and heating in the Middle East and North Africa. The German Cooling Technology has a long history spanning more than thirty years in the industry, the latest cooling and heating system in the world, which is a network water pipes pass through which gives the temperature of the place according to the user’s desire. The SusPower Cooling system can be used in residential, offices, greenhouses, Equestrian Stables, swimming pools, tents, Cold Storage & refrigeration, and most importantly much healthier than the conventional forced air cooling we are accustomed to in the UAE.
Contact Person:Ahmed Alkhateeb
Contact Email:

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