World’s most energy efficient light bulb goes on sale in UAE


Dutch-based Philips Lighting has announced that Dubai Lamp, the world’s most energy efficient light bulb, will be widely available across the UAE from Saturday.

The result of a research partnership between Philips Lighting and Dubai Municipality, the Dubai Lamp, which was unveiled last October as part of Dubai’s sustainability agenda, aims to reduce energy levels for lighting by as much as 90 percent.

By replacing conventional lamps at home with the Dubai Lamp, consumers could save up to AED2000 yearly on their DEWA bill, a statement said.

“Due to growing populations and urbanisation globally, energy consumption at current levels is simply unsustainable and the pressure on our planet continues to mount… Dubai Lamp alone offers unprecedented energy savings and the reduction of carbon emissions,” said Olav Scholte, marketing manager end-user projects at Philips Lighting Middle East.

Maitha Khalifa Mohd Almazroei, head of sustainability research & studies section at the Applied Sustainability & Renewable Energy Department, Dubai Municipality, added: “In our bid to become the world’s most sustainable city, we are striving to reach a 30 percent reduction in energy consumption by 2030 and a 16 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2021.

“We have worked closely with Philips Lighting on this innovation as part of our efforts to build a greener economy and a sustainable future for our children. We urge UAE residents to actively engage in the Dubai Lamp Initiative and to think and act green in every aspect of their lives to help realise these goals.”

He said that in addition to raising light and energy efficiency to new levels, Dubai Lamp is extremely durable with an average lifespan of up to 25 times longer than conventional lamps.

The product range will cost from AED18 and will be available across selected leading supermarkets.
Source: Originally published on May 27th 2017. 

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