Four firms to build e-waste recycling plant in UAE


Sharjah-headquartered waste management company Bee’ah has teamed up with three partners to develop an electronic recycling (e-recycling) facility in the emirate. 

Bee’ah will be joined by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority(Shurooq), Gulf Islamic Investments (GII), and Attero Recycling India (AT-E) in the development of the project, which will be based within Bee’ah‘s waste management complex. 

The venture has been named Attero-Tadwir-E. 

AT-E, with GII’s support, will implement integrated recycling, refurbishment, and refining facilities across the GCC, of which the one in Sharjah will be the first. 

The company intends to establish between six and eight plants over the next three years through an investment worth $200m. 

AT-E’s component removal technology uses a combination of infrared and mechanical separation from polychloride biphenyl (PCB) – a common ingredient in electronical equipment – with high recovery rates. 

Remarking on the project’s significance, Nitin Gupta, CEO of AT-E, said: “Computer and electronic recycling is a preventative measure as well as a lucrative investment opportunity.

“Dangerous elements like lead, barium, polychlorinated biphenyls, beryllium, mercury, arsenic, cadmium cause various forms of cancer and other debilitating illnesses.

“There are also data security concerns, where electronic data lands in the wrong hands and leads to unpredictable long-term liabilities for corporate entities.

“E-waste also contains numerous high value components like gold, palladium, cobalt, lithium, and platinum, which have historically been recovered in very inefficient and capital intensive processes.

“More gold can be derived from e-waste than mining ore,” Gupta added.  

Source: originally published on January 19th,2017. 

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