Kuwait Infrastructure Week

Kuwait Infrastructure Week

Date(s) - 29/10/2017 - 31/10/2017
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Kuwait City, Kuwait

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The Kuwait Infrastructure Week aims to deliver on critical aspects focused on delivery of projects against announced budgets. Kuwait’s capital spending has continued to drive infrastructure economic activity. Against all odds the market has seen healthy project awards the first quarter of 2017 at $4.6 billion with a similar quarterly last year.  Another $5.4 billion in projects are in the bidding stage and could be awarded in 2017. Kuwait’s project pipeline remains solid, and with clear committeemen given by government across various sectors through the re-launch of ‘New Kuwait’ formally known as the Kuwait National Development Plan.

Housing & Industrial Development Forum

Kuwait’s urgent requirement to deliver 100,000 has created a fantastic market for residential and real estate building developers. Kuwait’s aim is clear and plans to meet housing unit requirements as well as diversify its economy through projects like the Sheikh Ahmad Sea City and the South Saad Al Abdullah City, gives the market a sneak-peek into what Kuwait aims to accomplish against the current economic climate.

Renewable Energy and Water Generation and Treatment Forum

Kuwait aims to use 15% of renewable energy by 2030 to reduce its dependence burning oil for electricity. The  Ministry of Water & Electricity (MEW), Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research (KISR) and the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) play an important role in Kuwait’s push towards a low-carbon economy. KISR, in particular, has been mandated by the government to develop large-scale alternative energy systems in collaboration with international institutions and technology companies. Speakers from MEW, KISR and KAAP will deliver their requirement from the private sector, as well as detailing critical project priorities, their timelines and profile of technology companies needed to deliver projects.

  • Kuwait has weathered the economic conditions better than its neighbours and is one of the most active GCC countries that is heavily investing in infrastructure
  • Kuwait is set to spend about US$ 15.6 billion on infrastructure and other projects in fiscal year 2017-2018
  • Kuwait’s government will be building 12,000 residential units each year
  • Kuwait has adopted an ambitious vision to generate 15% of its total energy needs by 2030 from renewable energy sources. It is estimated that the project will spare up to $2.4bn annually
  • The government will contribute 49.3% of the investment, around 33.8% will be spent by the state-owned oil sector and a further 16.9% will be spent by the private sector within public private partnerships programmes (PPP)
  • Kuwait continues its PPP programme led by KAPP (with its (Umm al-Hayman) wastewater treatment plant PPP and waste PPP under consideration and the need to welcome renewable energy developers to drive the sectors
  • Kuwait’s public works ministry plans to spend $2.3bn this year – roads and building works supporting the PAHW
  • The PAHW continues to invest in the housing sector with the South Al Mutlaa City ($950 million) consisting of 12 concentrated suburbs comprising of 28,363 houses with capacity for 400k people.
  • Led by PAHW the South Saad Al Abdulla Smart City will accommodate 30,000 houses and will be the first phase of a smart city showcasing interconnected technology advanced and eco-friendly.
  • Other developers are leading the way with the South Sabah Al Ahmed Sea City, the Jaber Al Ahmed Residential City and the West Abdullah Al Mubrak Project
  • Understand the current and upcoming priorities and project opportunities in Kuwait
  • Discover the government’s renewable energy plans and projects and how you can get involved
  • Learn about water and wastewater management initiatives and commercial prospects
  • Network with the top project owners, designers and planners
  • Explore what opportunities public private sector partnerships (PPPs) can offer for development
  • Exchange ideas on how the latest technologies can help Kuwait’s government achieve their residential, industrial, renewable energy and water management goals

For more information: kuwaitinfrastructureweek.com 

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