Company Name :Eco Futurelab
Website :
Subject of Request :Morpheus Intellisign
Companys Activity :supplier
Country of Origin :United Arab Emirates
Target Country/Region :United Arab Emirates
Category:Public Transport
Description:Options for INTELISIGN system MORPHEUS, which provides: Self Contained Autonomous Highway Signage System,That is Unique and Intelligent Wireless control of operation• Moonlight Photo sensing Option – self regulation of consumption and light output,• depending on the surrounding moon light level Some of the main Options features of INTELLISIGN MORPHEUS include: Wireless control of operation (Optional) • All lighting devices can feature an integrated system for wireless GPRS control of lighting ON/OFF, light dimming and programming of predefined lighting profiles on 24 hours basis. • Each lamp includes a separate module which directly connects to a centralized server and generates minimal flow of information – both at any time or any weather conditions. • Thanks to the centralized control, both municipalities and private companies are able to keep track of all the available data on all the installed lighting fixtures , as well as to recognize the presence of any technical issue at the moment of happening during the normal operation of the lamp (as failures due to acts of vandalism). • Data communication between lighting devices and the centralized servers are done over the internet. The communication flow is organized in a manner to generate the maximal possible information traffic with minimal quantities of data transfer. Moonlight Photo Censing Option (Optional) With this option, the MORPHEUS permit additional power savings. The Signage System includes photosensitive elements, which recognize night moon-light and automatically corrects its consumption and light output to meet the requirements of road lighting. The more surrounding light during night, the less power consumed by the MORPHEUS Signage System. Metrological Data track and wireless live information on climate conditions When this option is included in the Eco futurLight MORPHEUS lamp, clients have the possibility to receive live information on different climate conditions via wireless directly on a centralized computer. Climate information includes: • Atmospheric pressure • Air Humidity • Air Temperature • Wind force When data is stored on a centralized server, memory information can be used for creating varied statistics on Atmospheric conditions for specific neighborhoods or entire regions. Pollution Sensing of Surrounding areas and City Environments (Optional) With this option included in the MORPHEUS
Contact Person:Amet Dacincci
Contact Email:

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  1. George says:

    Looks very Innovative , congratulations, we need more companies like you in the Region

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