Company Name :climatefood pty ltd
Subject of Request :looking to sell totally biodegradable raw hemp plastic for water bottles and plastic cary bags bioplastic manufactures
Companys Activity :supplier
Country of Origin :United Arab Emirates
Target Country/Region :United Arab Emirates
Category:Biodegradable Products
Description:Climatefood represents only crops and produce from highly carbon sequestering farm management protocols. We are seeking visionary companies wanting to move to compostable totally biodegradable, plant-based plastics. We have unlimited high-grade organic hemp in several forms ready to ship in tonnage from Australia and some locations around the planet. Please email for more data stating what eco problem you are seeking to handle. Hemp is an extraordinary plant able to replace most anything toxic in your environment including all plastics. We are seeking someone ready to make racing cars out of it, as it is both almost as strong as carbon fibre, as light and less costly to manufacture! I will be passing through Dubai overnight on the 28th November and again on the 12th of December but can be booked for meetings if needed.
Contact Person:Samantha Jewel
Contact Email:

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